Custom Orthotics/Insoles

Orthotics, also known as insoles, are specialised inserts that fit comfortably into shoes.

Orthotics, also known as insoles, are specialised inserts that fit comfortably into shoes.  They are designed to reduce stress on the body by enhancing the function of the foot and lower limbs. Various conditions can benefit from orthotics, including:


  • Overpronators – people who’s arches or ankles fall inwards during activity. Often referred to as “flat feet” 
  • People who supinate, or roll outwards, during activity or when standing. Often referred to as “high arched” 
  • Those affected by arthritis 
  • Those with bunions or poor toe position 


We will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the type of orthotic that you require which will include a biomechanical assessment to analyse your movement, standing posture and walking / running gait, both barefoot and in shoes. We will also consider your activity levels, choice of footwear, and lifestyle. 


Depending on your assessment and needs, our Podiatrist can provide both custom-made and prefabricated orthotics, depending on your needs and specific condition. Our custom-made orthotics are designed and manufactured with the use of 3D technology. Your foot is scanned with bespoke 3D software.  After your insole is designed, it is milled by hand. Each pair of insoles provides support tailored to your specific needs and will be reviewed to ensure maximum comfort.

​Orthotics are always prescribed as part of a well-rounded management plan aimed to set you on the right path to overcome injuries or reduce further injury risk. In addition, we will help with long-term injury prevention through footwear advice, form checks, training strategies and specific stretching/strengthening exercises for your condition.