Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Helping muscles regain their strength and function. Ensuring that your joints regain their preoperative flexibility and range of motion. Easing your post-operative discomfort naturally by boosting blood flow and encouraging fluid drainage. Re-training you to use a part of your body that was unusable before the surgery.

What is pre and post-operative rehabilitation?

The goal of pre-operative rehab is to help you be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance your post-operative recovery, and to understand the therapy routine that will be in place after surgery.

Why is pre rehabilitation important?

It is also known as ‘pre-rehabilitation’ or ‘prehab’. Prehab helps you to recover quickly and has a positive effect on pain and function pre and post-surgery. It is often used before hip and knee joint replacements and can be performed independently or under physiotherapy supervision.

What are 5 benefits of rehabilitation?

  • Enable a person to return to work, get into work or stay in work reduce the cost of nursing, residential and social care.
  • Reduce the risk of falls.
  • Reduce the associated costs of mental health illness.
  • Reduce the costs associated with diabetic care.
  • Reduce length-of-stay costs.

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