Reshan Sivasamy

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I have visited Jacky for physiotherapy for a few months as I had a very bad sprained ankle from a fall. It was my first ever experience to go for physiotherapy and I was extremely nervous. However, Jacky made my experience extremely pleasant and squashed all the fears I had.

I meet with him twice a week at the start which then lead to once a week as I was improving through all the exercises and stretching Jacky prescribed me. He demonstrated various exercises and increased intensity over time once he observed my readiness for it.

The amazing thing about my experience with Jacky was that be catered and gave me a bespoke experience which was my sessions very enjoyable. He was also extremely friendly and warm, which only made my experience so relaxing! I highly recommend everyone who is considering this as you would be surprise how much our body needs physio over time whether recovering from an injury or strengthen mobility as we grow older.

Jacky indeed change my perception of physio and now I cannot advocate enough!