Jordan Cave

Jordan Cave AHPC

Senior Physiotherapist

As a Doctor of Physiotherapy graduate from the University of Melbourne, Jordan trained as a sports physiotherapist whilst working in private practice and with Heidelberg Football Club (Australia). He relocated to Cambodia to join the Board of an NGO and continued to grow his passion for physiotherapy In 2015, Jordan returned to Australia where he expanded his skill set as an intensive care and war veteran physiotherapist. Exposure to a diverse range of injuries, surgeries, medical conditions, cultures, and communities has given him a more developed understanding of his patients and their values. Since relocating to Singapore in late 2015, Jordan has established himself as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. He has a keen interest in hip, shoulder, knee, and sporting injuries. 


Jordan is a qualified Dry Needling practitioner, and also practices resistance training, manual therapy, IASTM, Pilates-based exercises, chronic pain management, and education as a part of his treatments. Jordan is a firm believer in exercise as means for pain management, exercise prevention, and overall health and wellness. Having lived, trained, and served in diverse communities and healthcare systems, Jordan has a unique life and clinical experience, skills, and culturally sensitive healthcare delivery.